Being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is often a solitary activity. Days and nights in front of the computer, coming up with ideas and executing plans.

Sometimes, looking outside, looking for information, can even get in the way of this process. But sometimes it seems that the right idea has surfaced, that we finally get to see the heart of the matter, and that’s when asking a question can be decisive.

The intention here is to create a community of like-minded people who can help you at the right time. That moment when you’re about to release something, and you just need that confirmation. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? This is the most important time to get feedback and that’s what our community will be here for.

The idea is not to create another noisy community filled with empty talk and wasted time but rather an online place that is safe and private and where you can share your ideas, meet other solopreneurs, and know that you are not alone on this journey.

An online community for brilliant people. There is no need to say anything else.

To be part of this community, you need to support Clever on Patreon in the $10 tier. Download Element on any of your devices. Create an account, and request to join the community. Simple, safe, and fast.

In addition to helping fund Clever*, the tier value is a kind of barrier to entry, so we can bring together only people with the same goals.

If you are that person, welcome, my friend. :)

*For $10, in addition to being part of the community, you will also have access to the Patron-only posts.

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Life Hacks for Brilliant People


Life Hacks for Brilliant People